4 Most Indispensable SEO Features for Your E-commerce Platform

When we talk about consumers, target audiences etc, how we can forget about e-commerce, one of the fastest growing online business in USA. This is the first part of a picture, and the second part is one of the most important aspects of e-commerce, especially for the marketers at the time of building and marketing their online store.

Selecting an e-commerce platform with building with certain SEO functionalities in place can prevent a lot of headaches further down the road, in the case that you need to make certain structural changes to your site. But the actual selection process can be harder to do without a clear outline that an e-commerce platform should offer. It can also be harder to do without adequate SEO knowledge. To make worse matters, there are a number of e-commerce companies which are touting the “SEO-friendliness” of their platforms which are quite SEO-unfriendly in reality. Here in this post, I discuss 4 Most Indispensable SEO Features for Your E-commerce Platform.

URLs & independent page titles:

To avoid issues with duplicate content and to ensure that you have the best chance at ranking for certain keywords and phrases, it’s the best to make sure that you can control these metadata elements to the page level. Some e-commerce platforms don’t allow you to have this control that means you have a generic title in every single page on your shop.

The URLs may be different for each page. The chances are you want to use specific keywords for each page on top of the ones you use site-wide. Definitely, you will have long tail keywords to use on each product category page. Unless you have the ability to control the titles and URLs at the page level, essentially, you’re stuck for targeting the same keywords on every single page in your store. Here, Magento is a robust e-commerce platform that allows users to control the page titles and URLs so they can make the most of their SEO efforts with keywords.

Internal Blog:

Having an e-commerce website and compete with the ocean level of competition are not easy tasks. Normally, an e-commerce website lacks text content, thus it is difficult to provide unique and informative content. Even so, this issue can be resolved with an Integrated Blog within your store. Blogging can be your best tactics of marketing. It can be difficult to have an Internal Blog in an e-commerce platform but there are some great providers who have these features. You need to make sure that you have selected to do have this feature or not.

Mobile customization:

Just when you thought that you were keeping up with the competition by creating an online store, it is more important than ever to ensure the customers who access your webpage via a mobile device which also has a great shopping experience that may require for creating a new site for mobile. Cutting-edge e-commerce platforms will have options available for you to optimize your website for a mobile device through an app that creates a mobile store for you, or through the use of responsive design in which a website changes its size and shape by depending on the screen on which it is being displayed.

An SEO-friendly e-commerce platform should also have a way to deal with any potential issues that may arise with duplicate content that is being displayed on your web site’s root domain as well as the mobile site. Through the use of rel-canonical tags, notification to Google Webmaster Tools, and a mobile XML sitemap, your e-commerce support team should be able to help you to avoid duplicate content issues if the platform doesn’t have these features which are built in automatically.

Redirection Management:

One of the biggest problems of most e-Commerce platforms face is redirection and broken links. As there are so many changes in products and URLs, some web pages are broken.

The problem is that you do not want your direct traffic to a broken link. It leads to a bad user experience, and search engines may also penalize your website due to it.

Therefore, the ideal e-Commerce platform should allow you to set up canonical URLs easily as well as 301 redirects to direct users and search engine bots to the right places. From our experience, Square space does a great job with automatic redirection.

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