Link Building is Their Most Effective SEO Strategy In 2019

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Do you think that link building continues to be the foremost effective SEO strategy? Well, affirmative we think so!

A majority of marketers surveyed in a very recent study say link building is their handiest SEO strategy.

This data was revealed within the 2018 State of SEO Survey conducted.

The survey has been designed to assist those within the SEO trade continue with what’s working, what proportion budget is being allotted towards organic search, what individuals battling, and so on.

In addition to link building, those surveyed conjointly cited technical fixes and internal linking enhancements as a number of the foremost effective practices without delay.

Curiously enough, exact match anchor text was said to be the least effective strategy.
So the main takeaway here is link building is worth it, however, SEOs should make sure the anchor text isn’t too keyword-heavy.

Other Key Findings

The survey indicates that over 1 / 4 of promoting budgets, 28 percent, is devoted to organic SEO. Two-thirds of those surveyed say that's enough budgets to realize their objectives.

However, a whopping 58% of those surveyed cite a shortage of budget and resources because the reason why their company doesn’t invest additionally in SEO activity.

While SEOs have enough budgets to realize company goals, it looks like additional would be invested within those efforts if attainable.

When it involves setting goals, increasing conversions and sales is irresistibly the highest goal of most SEOs, followed by increasing traffic and whole awareness.

Despite the increase of voice search, solely 24% of these surveyed aforementioned it's a part of their SEO strategy this year.

We reached bent over 30,000 marketers to compile information for their 2018 State of SEO Survey. It’s the first in what is going to become an annual study of the industry.